A house is only as strong as its foundation.

Pilates is much more than exercise, it is a mind-body experience. The work emphasizes building a strong, balanced, and stable core through concentration on breath and quality of movement. A strong core creates a more efficient foundation for all other movement to originate.

Often our core muscles are underused. This creates imbalances in the whole body which can lead to injury, tension, poor posture and limited mobility. A regular Pilates practice will change the way you look and feel. It will balance your body, heighten body control and awareness, and improve strength and flexibility.

The repertoire can be performed on a mat and/or using various other Pilates equipment.  The studio at Eric Clark Wellness offers mat Pilates, private and group reformer classes, and Barre Sculpt.

Group reformer classes are designed for people looking for small classes that still provide individualized attention.  For those who are looking to fine-tune their practice, are working with an injury, or are novices, we recommend private instruction to ensure that individual needs are met. Working one-on-one allows the instructor to focus on the individual's needs. 

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